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BE009 | Mias Void – Return To Bliss

BE009 | Mias Void – Return To Bliss

The signing of this track first began it’s life for us as The Model’s ‘Trance remix’. We didn’t want to let the cat out of the bag until we knew for sure we could release this bomb because the remix started it’s life out as a bootleg of Matthias Vogt’s excellent ‘Bliss’ track from 2011.

Luckily, Matthias is a kind and talented soul who decided this track would see new life under his Techno moniker, Mias Void, and so ‘Return to Bliss’ was re-born anew.

Upon hearing Ikonika’s insanely fun eighties take on Chvrches, we employed her for a remix and she delivered two racey Electro mixes, rounding off the EP with one ‘Pop” and one ‘Club’ mix.

BE009 | Mias Void – Return To Bliss is out now exclusive to Beatport -

12″ and all other stores on the 22nd of June.

bornelectric June 9, 2015 Music No Comments

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