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BE012 | Cloud Boat – Man of War

BE012 | Cloud Boat – Man of War

We’re happy to announce our next release, from a band we have admired and followed since their early days on R&S. Cloud Boat.

The Man of War EP is a significant sonic progression for the band, four tracks of emotional Electronica that hark back to their early roots and influences of Punk.

Opening track Gaia sets the tone for the release perfectly. Heavy, brooding bass and glitchy, synth stabs create an imposing sonic backdrop for Tom’s vocal to hang on. Lead and title track Man Of War is driven by its propulsive beats and more washes of bass and eerie electronic touches. Fall Crocus finds the band in contemplative mood. A heavy, regretful air hangs over the track and brings to mind the work of international superstar and Mercury Prize winner James Blake. Final original cut Cosmos Pink is perhaps the EP’s most touching effort. 


October 14th: Cloud Boat – Man of War EP (digital)
October 18th: Cloud Boat – Man of War Remix EP
November 25th: Cloud Boat – Man of War EP (vinyl) limited edition cosmos pink vinyl

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