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Born Electric

Born Electric 001 The Healing

Born Electric 001  The Healing

Following stellar Born Electric taster gigs earlier this year James Zabiela announces the first release on his new label.
The debut release on the long-awaited label will be from James himself, ‘The Healing’ is released on December 10th with the strongest of remix packages. The legendary and much loved Hot Chip lead the way with Midland, Gang Colours and Club Root in addition. James also contributes his own ‘85’ re-edit.

The original is a beautiful and expansive piece of music with vocals from James. The Gang Colours edit is easily the dreamiest of remixes on this package, delivering a cinematic take on the track. Hot Chip made their mix almost entirely live; with signature HC drive it still retains a strong nod to James’ original. Midland recorded his onto cassette tape for added warmth and crackles on the line; and for those not yet turned onto Club Root this atmospheric mix carries far further than his so called ‘bass’ routes…

Born Electric is set to be the main outlet through which James will champion and channel the music he both produces and loves, and while Born Electric will have a loose musical remit, the only consistent factors for the label will be passion for the music released and a focus on its quality.

Born Electric will release a diverse selection of music from across the electronic spectrum, from incendiary dance-floor cuts to mesmerising home listening gems. Furthermore the label is thrilled to be working with an exciting blend of artists, ranging from established legends through to a host of young burgeoning talent.
James has been involved in every element of the label set up, even the artwork for ‘The Healing’ was taken by James at 6am whilst on a train and the field recordings were made when James was stuck in Mexico following hurricanes.

James comments:
“‘The Healing” isn’t a dance-floor track. It’s a personal song. Something that is as much organic as it is electronic, something that could appear on my album, should I ever write one.
I posted a clip of the track on my Facebook page and a comment that came back was “this is not what I was expecting at all, but I like it”.  A review I was happy with and I think a lot of people who are familiar with my DJing and previous work might feel this way about it too.

That said I wanted a version I could play at my gigs so I made a cheeky remix of it myself which is really an ode to those 12″ remixes of the 80s. I also drafted in some of my favourite producers to remix for this opening release and that is one of the reasons I’m starting this label. So the fanboy in me can work alongside my musical heroes. In this case, Hot Chip, Midland and Clubroot…I hope you enjoy.”

The ethos overall for Born Electric is to foster a truly unique and welcoming atmosphere – the aim to ultimately create a ‘family’ of contributors who see the label as their musical home.

James has also completed the next installment of his acclaimed ‘Paradigm Shifts’ mix. It can be heard on his soundcloud now:

First started in May 2011 James adds parts of the mix over time, you can hear the strains of the last track from the previous mix (Scuba – Adrenalin) in the opening of this new mix.

Born Electric will host a label night on 22nd December 2012 at Electric Brixton
For more information about the release and label please contact Kim Smith –

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