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Born Electric

Born Electric 006 – Pedestrian + Tinman

Born Electric 006 – Pedestrian + Tinman

In January of 2014, whilst touring Australia on foot, our Pedestrian encountered the mythical ‘Drop Bear’; a vicious and rabid descendant of its cuddly younger brother, the Koala. Until this year such creatures were believed to be an outback myth and have been filed amongst the Loch Ness Monster & The Yeti as nothing more than old wives tales, but Pedestrian’s new release is irrefutable evidence that such a beast exists. It is only by narrowly surviving an attack from this deadly animal that such sonic frequencies have been able to become documented.


On July 21st, Pedestrian’s second EP for us delivers some nasty frequencies only a Drop Bear could come close to imitating. The title track “Drop Bear” is a 4×4 monster, with an acid line influenced by the infamous Phil K. While the second track, “Ultramarine Express”, details Pedestrian’s love for Drum and Bass and Jungle.


Tin Man contributes two outstanding remixes to the package. One, a stomach-churning remix utilising his notorious acid style; this mix will be available on vinyl only. The second of his mixes showcases his more melodic take on acid and will only be available on the digital release.


Stream “Drop Bear” and “Ultramarine Express” here:



The release is out exclusively on Beatport now – buy – or Vinyl is available from 18th August.

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